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All content and information published on this site by tmob Tech or tmob Tech  affiliates is protected by the following terms of use. Anyone entering the site or making use of it is deemed to have accepted these terms of use.

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All content and information published on this site by tmob Tech  or tmob Tech  affiliates is protected by the following Terms of Use. Anyone entering the site or making use of it is deemed to have accepted these terms of use.


The owner of all content on the site is tmob Tech

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The site contents were published to enable users to obtain information about tmob Tech and its products and services. tmob Tech aims to keep site contents up to date and may, for this purpose, make changes in them without notice or warning. Continuing to use the site implies acceptance of said changes.


Contents consist of general information and are not designed to meet the needs of any one person, company or third party.

They do not constitute an agreement between tmob Tech and site users

They do not guarantee the performance of products or services.

They do not have to be comprehensive, complete or accurate.

They do not constitute a professional opinion or recommendation.

Risk and Responsibility

While tmob Tech may take measures to protect its system and software against computer viruses or programs referred to as “Trojans,” or the like (viruses), it assumes no responsibility for computer or system damage by persons or companies visiting this site or downloading material from it.

In the event of the hacking of the site by a user or any person, company or organization benefiting from the site, damaging the site systems through the illegal introduction of viruses, Trojans and other like methods, the addition to the site of pornographic, unethical, racist, provocative or violence- encouraging content, violation of the name, brand or copyrights of third parties, uploading of illegal content to the site or blocking of access to the site via illegal means, tmob Tech reserves the right to remove such content, temporarily block access to the site, and to seek legal redress and compensation for such actions.

tmob Tech bears no responsibility for damages incurred by other site users and third party individuals and institutions as a result of the abovementioned actions. Risk and responsibility stemming from the use of the site lay with the user.

Changes in Terms of Use

tmob Tech reserves the right to make changes in the terms of use without notice or warning. Changes made become valid in place of the above terms of use. When changes are made, users are subject to the new terms of use. Therefore, it is recommended that this page be visited routinely.


In the event that any one of these terms of use becomes invalid or inapplicable, the term found to be invalid or inapplicable will be replaced by a valid and applicable condition that has a similar purpose, and the remaining terms will continue.

Disclaimer Restriction:

The abeyance of any section of these terms of use by tmob Tech does not imply the restriction of the right of anyone using them to take past or future action. The confidence in tmob Tech ’s actions by any person does not imply the suspension of these terms of use. Only a clear, written disclaimer signed by a tmob Tech representative is legally binding.