Test Automation & Monitoring

Rapidly increasing number of devices, operating systems and screen sizes make it difficult to maintain optimized app performance by testing across all platforms and on majority of devices in the market. Magma’s test automation system secures your investment by preventing revenue loss due to crashes or functionality issues.

When you finish building your native m-commerce app, test it on top iOS and Android mobile devices to ensure app quality and reduce risks.

Once your app is up and running, it’s time for 24/7 monitoring. Proactively detect and resolve issues to deliver a quality and fuss-free mobile experience to your customers.


Regression Testing

Test your app on top mobile devices speedily to minimize your time to market. 60 hours of testing time is included to ensure your app is tested across different platforms thoroughly.

Real-time Testing

Observe and track live test results and track which test scenarios pass or fail.

One Script for All

Reduce the time spent on script writing by generating a unified script running on multiple platforms and devices.

Object Validation

Ensure accurate placement for objects such as images, text and DOM via methods like Object ID, Name, Link Text, CSS & Xpath – such as buttons, text fields and more.

Full-Featured Test Coding

Enable support for loops, conditions, timers, debugging capabilities, image and text checkpoints, data-driven test development and more.

Gestures Support

View and record touch gestures performed on the device, including drags, swipes, zooms, scrolls, long key presses and more.

Session Recording

Capture the visual history of your test sessions and view your app’s performance on each scenario screen by screen.

Management Dashboard

Easily run tests and monitor your app’s performance from a single dashboard accessible on the cloud 24/7.


Generate detailed test execution reports showing the durations for the steps of defined scenarios and easily share screenshots provided within the reporting module.

Advanced Filtering

Clarify problems through the use of advanced filtering options such as project, platform, test scenario, success/fail percentages on devices and more.

Rich Media Reporting

Optimize app performance by gathering valuable insights from rich media reports, including UI elements, device vitals, traffic analysis and more for efficient debugging and analysis.

Continuous Monitoring

Through the 24/7 monitoring system, run determined test cases continually and ensure that your application is fully functional at any given time.

Multiple Device Monitoring

Monitor your app on top devices and track performance.