The Mobile Shift in the E-commerce Space [IBM & tmob Webinar]

I hope your new year is off to a great start with many opportunities on the horizon. Recently, we’ve co-hosted a webinar with IBM about the ongoing mobile shift in the e-commerce space with many interested guests and experts from IBM and tmob.

We’ve really enjoyed our discussion about the undeniable opportunities and growth in the mobile shopping era. In summary, we’ve addressed key points to develop winning mobile strategies and the  path to survive in the mobile-first era by delivering seamless mobile shopping experiences with IBM’s Mobile Expert, Michael King and tmob’s UX Experience Designer, Nur Findik.

Here are some of the questions we’ve tackled in the webinar;

– Why do e-commerce businesses need to go through a mobile mind shift?

– Why e-commerce businesses can’t survive without m-commerce apps?

– What are the advantages of “native” apps?

– How can e-commerce businesses deliver seamless mobile experiences faster, cheaper and better?

Facing the mobile mind shift

As you know by heart, we literally live with our mobile devices each and every day. Research indicates that people would rather give up alcohol, chocolate, and even their toothbrush for a week than their beloved smartphones.

Unleashing the full potential of businesses with a mobile shopping app

71% of smartphone users claim that they sleep with their devices within close reach, so it seems like the right time to leverage your customers’ mobile fascination to improve business dynamics. Let’s back it up with some facts from the m-commerce space to fully understand the shift in global e-commerce space towards mobile. According to Forrester’s report mobile devices will generate 48% of all e-commerce revenue by 2020. There’s a huge potential still waiting to be unlocked. Mobile browser optimization can save the day for e-businesses, but enterprises who can deliver the entire mobile experience will win the game because apps are the new frontier.

Why should e-shops go mobile with a native app?

Let’s say businesses are heading towards the direction to acquire a mobile shopping app. What’s next? E-business owners and executives are look at various options to find the smartest way of going mobile to maximize their ROI. Among those alternatives, building a native app from the get go stand out for several reasons.

User Experience

– Native apps are 100% compatible with the device hardware, so that users can enjoy more features             with fuss-free experiences such as fast and easy purchasing with QR codes, biometric security                     protocols and more.

– Higher graphic quality

– Collecting behavioral and demographic data to offer personalized experiences and create loyalty


– Fast loading app fully synched with your e-shop

– Fast & smooth transitions


– Higher security standards for the customer and the business with customized security protocols                 and authentication measures

The result is an inspiring native app with a feature-rich and user-friendly user interface which brings brands closer to their mobile customers, interact with them more and ensure long-term relationships, while minimizing abandonment.


Delivering seamless mobile experiences faster, cheaper — and better

Building an app requires a significant amount of resources and a qualified team of Business Analysts, UX/UI Designers, Developers, Testers and maybe more. So, how can e-businesses overcome these challenges and minimize mobile development to acquire a native mobile shopping app? I’ll give you one magical word; PLATFORMS.

Mobile app building platforms promise;

– Ease of development

– Easy maintenance

– Consistent & high app performance

– Continuous improvement

– Higher ROI in the long run

To read more about the advantages of mobile app building platforms, you can read my previous blog: The New Trend in Mobile App Development – Platforms.

Since we’re talking about platforms; I’d like to take your attention to out 360° native m-commerce platform MAGMA, enabling e-businesses manage and maintain the entire mobile ecosystem from a single unique platform.

Thanks to everyone who joined our discussion and to those of you who asked some awesome questions during the Q&A session. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at [email protected]

Have a great 2016!


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