tmob was @ Webrazzi Summit’12

Webrazzi Summit’12 was held on October 4, 2012 brought together 1183 people in 501 different companies. It has covered a range of topics including Digital Marketing, Social Media, E-commerce, Venture Capital, Angel Investment, Online Gaming, Mobile Applications and more, where you had been at the heart of Internet industry, with keynote and parallel sessions during the day.
Rudi Dökmecioğlu attended the conference as a speaker with the topic “Future without Physical Wallet”. This is the summary of his speech:
“We are very used to carrying a wallet but what if it would get even more convenient? Mobile technology trend is getting more popular around the world; day by day more people use Smartphone and prefer changing their habits in order to adapt the new digital world coming with the new technology. We stopped carrying a MP3 player, agenda even a camera in our bag. What is next? Our wallet! In future, banks and retails will prefer digital money in order to ease their transactions and decrease the time handling the physical money. Users will be able to pay from their mobile phone even without having a bank account. Loyalty cards, bank cards and coupons will be easily added to the digital mobile wallet and users will be able to pay via NFC, QR system or SMS. GSM operators, banks and big retailers will be the key players and they will set up their own eco-system for payments. As tmob we have developed a mobile wallet for one of the leading GSM operator in the world which is about to be launched. When doing this we considered both user profiles with integrating both QR payment system and NFC so that users without NFC will be enjoying the QR. The functions of our wallet include sending/receiving money, adding units, paying with QR/NFC, shopping through integrated e-commerce channels and creating a virtual card.”