UX Audit

We inspect the road for bumps to create a flawless user experience.

What is UX Audit?

In fast-changing environments, the slightest bump on the road can ruin the whole digital experience. Before designing the user experience, it’s a must to look closer into each step of the digital experience to understand what works best for the user. UX Audit is an inspection activity where we find flaws in the user experience and plan the improvements ahead.
At Shape, we begin the audit process with a heuristic approach and rely on our extensive experience in leading industries as a guide. After understanding the context and identifying the flaws in the process, we look for the root causes to prevent undesirable scenarios which might occur in the future stages.

How we conduct a UX audit?

The first step in conducting a UX audit is to identify what we need to evaluate. The user base, the medium, and the connection in between are the first stops of the UX audit journey. Then we find ways to bring the user experience on a simpler level with better accessibility based on our know-how on pretty much every scenario.

What to expect from a UX audit?

Detailed report

Highlighting the pain points and highlights in the product


Creating a roadmap to address the issues raised in the report


Sharing the outputs in discussion sessions

What comes after?

UX audit is a stepping stone for designing user-friendly products. After inspecting flaws in
the process and creating an improvement strategy, next steps are unique for each product,
and shape all of them accordingly.

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