UX Writing

Communicate with your users and make sure the narrative rhymes with the design.

What is UX Writing?

Words are the most essential elements in communication. When it comes to digital products, they become even more important to build a bridge between the user and the product. The wording needs to fit the digital product and offer the user a clear explanation while making emotional connections at the right times. This is key to creating better user experiences.
At Shape, we believe that good design is achieved by the harmony of all the small parts. That’s why we treat microcopy - the bits of text on UI controls or small messages - as building blocks of a product design process. Our team starts the UX writing process with understanding the user, finding the right words that speak to them, and picking the most fitting ones to create a healthy communication channel.

Who needs UX writing?

After understanding the value proposition of the product and its users, setting the right tone of voice is crucial to design consistent products and flows. In order to create a smooth and delightful UX design, beginning with the content should be considered before the product meets its users. We recommend using the UX Writing service in the middle to end stages of the design process.

What to expect from UX writing?

Dialogue-style guide

Deciding when and how to communicate with users

Screens with UX writing

Meeting with users and communicating with them


Sharing the outputs in discussion sessions

What comes after?

UX writing might seem less prominent in the process, yet it is one of the most essential stages of digital product design. We are a diverse team distinguished in various branches of design. From the early stages of design, our team is dedicated to maintaining consistency.

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