Visual Design

We deliver a unique visual language specifically created for your brand with the right visual

What is Visual Design?

After all research processes, architectures, wireframes and flows, the UX design culminates in the visual design. With modern and trendy visual outputs, we make the user feel interested using the final product with the right visual architecture.
At Shape, we design trend-tracking, adorable yet usable products in line with the branding strategy of the digital product. We know that design is not art, and our main goal is to offer usability with pixel-perfect designs.

Why do you need good visual design?

In addition to all flawless flows and experiences,it’s also essential in users’ interaction with the brand that the reflection of the brand identity in the eyes of the user on the visual outputs of the mobile applications/web sites. All applications should have visual integrity, order, and aesthetics. Having a good visual design will strengthen the experience, and let the user bond with the application better. Investing in visual design in terms of usability and aesthetics is a differentiating factor for your brand and product.

What to expect from visual design?

Pixel perfect designs

Unique, ready-to-code interfaces

Design System

A code-supported “design system”


Sharing the outputs in discussion sessions

What comes after?

Visual Design is one of the most important steps when designing user-friendly products. As a result of the emergence of simple screens that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to us. It is inevitable that the bond between users and the application will be strengthened. The methods we follow during the design phase are unique for each product and are shaped accordingly. We are a diverse team specializing in various design areas, offering a wide range of design services.

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