MFS Platform

Mobile wallets are the future of money as the need for mobility, speed and simplicity grows. Mobility is penetrating deeply in every aspect of our lives and in fact, it’s becoming a lifestyle. At tmob, we combine our expertise in digital money technologies and user interface design to trigger high adoption of mobile wallets.

Digitization of money is changing the nature of services businesses offer and visionary companies are stepping ahead of the competition by offering innovative and value-added mobile wallet services to their customers.


In the short run, most mobile users will demand wallet services from their brands to benefit from the speed and convenience latest technological advancements have to offer. Particularly addressing the needs of banks and telco businesses, tmob’s wallet structure is an all-inclusive solution facilitating utility payments and money transfers as well as storing cards and memberships.

Mobile wallet is a breakthrough technology in the concept of money. By adopting mobile wallet technologies, banks and telco businesses ensure sustainable and consistent user experiences while delivering services such as daily transactions, digital purchasing, utility payments, storing credit cards & memberships, SIM & HCE based contactless payments and more.

tmob’s unique wallet framework is preferred by world’s top brands, as it offers an unparalleled end-to-end solution, facilitating digital money experiences on mobile devices, increasing usage and customer satisfaction. Vodafone has chosen tmob as one of the two global financial services provider to deliver a feature-rich mobile wallet solution designed and developed by tmob’s expert team.

Functionalities of Tmob MFS Platform

ico_Register   Registration

It is a standard and likely way to sign up for the service via the mobile App or web.

ico_kyc   KYC ( Know Your Customer)

Tmob MFS platform provides a full and flexible support for multiple KYC levels. All tmob MFS services are provided to the customer according to the KYC levels.


Developed in partnership with MasterCard, our cloud-based function consolidates all bank cards in a centralized platform, enabling customers to pay with their MasterCard and/or Visa via mobile devices.

ico_sdk   SDK

Merchants are able to integrate the new SDK to their applications, mobile web and websites and receive the payments of their customers.

ico_debit_credit         Debit and Credit Cards

Our platform is capable to support the collection, authentication, registration and secure storage of credit, debit and virtual cards.

ico_p2p_prepaid_topup     P2P Prepaid Top-up

Our platform enables P2P top-up to utilize customers wallet to top up another person’s prepaid account.

ico_digital_payment      Digital Payment

Digital Payments online e-commerce refers to purchase transactions performed by tmob MFS platfrom users at e- commerce sites. Such payments supporting a variety of payment instruments within the tmob MFS platform e.g. E-money (SVA), cards, DCB.

ico_bill_paymentBill Payment

Tmob MFS solution is able to support bill payment and bill presentment to the MFS platform users for bills issued by a variety of providers in the ecosystem marketplace.

ico_prepaid_mobile    Pre-Paid Mobile Top-up

Tmob MFS Platform is able to top-up the MNO/Bank users prepaid balance with all eligible payment instruments in the wallet which are legally accepted as sources of funds for mobile top-up transactions.

ico_account_management       Account Management

The platform is capable to assign a unique customer identifier for wallet accounts e.g. citizen ID number, system allocated User ID or combination thereof etc.

ico_fees_chargesFees and Charges

The platform supports charge profiles or sets of charges representing lists of configurable and parametrized charges that can be associated with individual customers or with customer profile groups.

ico_emoney    E-Money

Tmob MFS platform users are enabled to use the e-money stored in the wallet (SVA) in order to perform wallet transactions.

ico_dcb  DCB

Tmob MFS platform makes it possible for a wallet user to use their mobile account as a payment instrument.

ico_p2p_transfer     P2P Money Transfer

A P2P Money Transfer transaction consists of a wallet customer (the “Sender”) utilizing his/her wallet to send money to another wallet user (the “Recipient’s”) e-money account in the wallet.

ico_phisical_store_payment    Physical Store Payments

Tmob MFS platform payments at physical POS devices of merchants are supported under two different business models:

– Closed Loop physical registered wallet merchant payments

– Open Loop physical registered wallet merchant payments

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