What Companies Need to do to Catch the Age of Speed?

Modern brands need to be innovative – and fast – when it comes to everything from marketing to delivering first-class customer experience. As new technologies and trends transform the landscape on a regular basis, so too must businesses to avoid being left behind. It’s the age of speed – and keeping up is paramount to success.

What is the age of speed?

In the 21st century, the adage of “slow-and-steady wins the race” no longer applies. To succeed, organisations and individuals need to embrace today’s rapidly changing economy and harness the power of speed to their advantages.
The age of speed is the age of convenience: it’s 24/7 customer service, the ability to make a purchase from anywhere at any time, and the rapid delivery of goods and services. To compete in today’s market, all businesses need to be prepared to step things up a gear.

A mobile and digitised world

In 2019, it’s estimated that as many as 40% of online sales are made via mobile devices. In an increasingly digitised world, it’s never been more important for companies to cater to smartphone and tablet users. Mobile optimisation is imperative for those looking to capture prospective sales leads – think easy-to-use interfaces and landing pages that offer all the essential information.
Of course, speed is a factor in mobile eCommerce, too. If a site takes too long to load, prospective customers are likely to “bounce” away from the page and consult a competitor site instead.
With everything from takeaway meals to commercial goods and services available at the tap of a mobile screen, there’s no excuse for companies to not be mobile optimised in 2019 – and those who aren’t are going to lose the battle to convert and retain customers.

How to capture the age of speed?

Converting a “slow” or traditional company to an agile model can be tough. It often requires changes to the ingrained way the company has operated for a long time and can involve a change in workplace culture. The mindsets, behaviours and working processes of long-standing employees can be difficult to remould. However, the empowerment your team will feel after emerging from the changes will bring whole new energy that will help your organisation truly capture the zeitgeist of the age of speed.

What companies should do

Sometimes, a top-down reorganisation of how an organisation works helps to cement new ideas. After all, most companies lead by example – so if your key executives aren’t making changes designed to help your company capture the age of speed, how can you expect the rest of your team to? Decision-makers who feel that their companies are being left behind should consider implementing some of the following ideas:

Create an entrepreneurial mindset

Fast companies aren’t afraid to consult their employees for ideas. Ask your team “if you were in charge, what changes would you make to improve speed and efficiency?”
Develop a narrative of change
Document ways in which you intend to shift your company model in order to achieve maximum efficiency. A well-documented narrative will help your team grasp what needs to be done to enter the age of speed.

De-clutter your company structure

Eliminate unnecessary meetings, cut down on travel when conference calling will suffice and concentrate on the essentials of running your business. This will help to free up time and speed up processes.

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